Our Culture

Based on the future vision of Safwa Islamic Bank, and in line with the Bank’s strategic objectives, vision and values of enhancing the culture of Islamic Banking in serving existing and potential clients, Safwa developed strategic projects built on a foundation of five key values – innovation, knowledge, quality, value and world-class service. Employees’ engagement and self-discipline have become a focus area for the management; this improves employees’ willingness to perform beyond expectations.

Our employees actively embrace the Bank’s strong culture and effectively reflect it in every aspect. For this reason, we are keen on introducing our core values into the heart of our business; it is the framework within which we evaluate and we supervise their performance. One shared set of values also makes it easy to communicate our culture and convey it to all stakeholders, clients and employees.

We constantly strive to achieve our five core values; which are:

  • 1. Innovation: we adhere to the principles of innovation and creativity.
  • 2. Knowledge: we follow a set of policies, rules and doctrines embodied within the principles of Sharia.
  • 3. Quality: we structure products and provide services that are implemented with the same principle of delivering quality through perfection.
  • 4. Value: we are committed to delivering added value to our clients; that’s the key of our success.
  • 5. World-class Service: we ensure that our clients get an exceptional and world-class banking experience.


The organizational culture of Safwa Islamic Bank is built on three fundamentals which will guide efforts for boosting a better image of the Bank, more effective performance of its employees and excellence of its services:

  • 1. We build a well-defined internal identity for the Bank with a healthy work environment through promoting communication means among all employees.Moreover, we count on our employees’ sense of loyalty in our journey of growth,emphasizing on transformational leadership where we go beyond the traditional management, and encouraging them creatively and intellectually for more efficiency and productivity.
  • 2. We enhance ‘Staff Engagement’ in order to increase productivity, commitment and sense of loyalty. Safwa truly believes that more engaged employees consistently bring discretionary effort to their roles. They willingly go the extra mile, work with passion, and feel a profound connection to their organization, they are the people who drive innovation and move our business forward.
  • 3. We are keen on imparting the concept of ‘Change Management’ which entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, and above all, consultation with, and involvement of, the employees affected by the changes. Achievable and measurable change in the organization should be positively reflected on employees’ performance which in return will lead to an institution capable of achieving the desired goals and based on trust, knowledge and sense of responsibility.